Pediatric dentistry in Groveport: Tooth brushing tips for kids

Pediatric dentistry in Groveport: Tooth brushing tips for kids
Pediatric dentistry in Groveport: Tooth brushing tips for kids

For most parents, getting their kids to brush up – and floss – twice a day is like, for lack of a better phrase, pulling teeth. Wouldn’t it be great if there were some magic tooth brushing tips for kids? Pediatric dentistry in Groveport is important to us. We want your children to actually ENJOY brushing – and flossing – twice a day.

The dental experts at the Groveport Dental Group — who know pediatric dentistry in Groveport– can appreciate that most parents are seeking tooth brushing tips for kids. No one wants to argue with their children twice a day about dental health, right? Here are our best tooth brushing tips for kids. Give them a whirl today and let us know what you think!

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Use an App

Speak your kid’s language: Use technology to encourage brushing. There are some good apps out there to encourage good dental health. One of the best is the Disney Magic Timer from Oral B. Engage your child by using his or her favorite Disney Characters. He or she will learn how long it takes to properly brush up with favorite friends.

Be the example

The truth is, kids learn by example. Show them what good oral health habits look like by modeling them yourself. Talk to your children about why you take such good care of your teeth and how good it feels to have smooth, shiny and fresh teeth. Brush up together! Another way to show kids is to have them brush your teeth before you help them brush theirs.

Get some disclosing tablets

You might remember these from when you were a kid. Disclosing tablets, which are for kids ages 4-7, have a red dye in them that “sticks” to plaque left on your teeth after brushing. This can give your child a visual cue of how good of a job he or she did brushing up. Make it a game: Who can have the least amount of red?

Reward charts

Let’s face it: Many kids are visual learners, and a sticker chart can be a big motivator. Every time your child brushes up and with a certain number of stickers, he or she earns a fun reward, like an extra bedtime story, a new toothbrush or a trip to the dollar store for a cool surprise.

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Do you have a fun way to get your children to brush and floss? Tell us about it!