Four things you need to know about a root canal

Four things you need to know about a root canal
Four things you need to know about a root canal

You get a cavity or maybe you just have tooth pain. A quick trip to the dentist is in order and you are thinking maybe, it’s a quick fix. But then, you hear the dreaded words: You need a root canal.

While no one wants to get a root canal, sometimes this procedure is necessary. What is a root canal? Basically, it is a procedure performed by a dentist to remove infected tooth material and relieve pain.

If you are facing a root canal, here are four things you need to know. Read on:


If you are having tooth pain, you call the dentist. At your visit, your dentist does an examination to determine the cause of the pain which may include X-rays. So how do you get from tooth pain to a root canal? If the damage is extensive and has spread beyond the outer tooth layer or if your tooth is chipped, cracked or otherwise damaged. Also, if you have serious infection or decay, a root canal is usually necessary.


The cost of a root canal varies, depending on the damage and which tooth is at play.



There are many steps to a root canal. So, what are they? Generally, your dentist will begin with an examination and X-ray to see the damage. Once that’s determined, you will be given medication to numb the area and then, your dentist will drill into the affected tooth to remove the infected and damaged areas.

Next, your dentist will seal off or fill the area until a crown can be made to cover the tooth. After your custom crown is made, your dentist will put it in place and you’ll be good to go.

How bad is it?

How painful or uncomfortable a root canal is depends on many factors, including the extent of damage and how well you manage pain and dental procedures. Many people say it is about the same as having a filling, although it is usually a few appointments and not just one.

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