Invisalign vs. braces: Here’s how to choose

Invisalign vs. braces: Here’s how to choose
Invisalign vs. braces: Here’s how to choose

If you or your child needs to have their teeth corrected or straightened, chances are your dentist or orthodontist has mentioned braces or Invisalign.

It’s almost a rite of passage to have a mouth full of metal – or plastic – as a tween or teen, but it’s also becoming more common for adults who never had their teeth fixed to invest in their smiles and choose braces or Invisalign.

So, if you are facing this decision for yourself or a loved one, you might be wondering how to choose. Read on:

What are they?

Invisalign is a system of retainer-like devices that help gradually move your teeth back into alignment. You wear them for most of the day and get new ones periodically. Treatment is usually for about a year.

With braces, brackets are bonded to your teeth, then connected with wires. They are periodically tightened to move the teeth back into alignment. Treatment can last a bit longer, depending on your issues and treatment plan.

Differences and similarities

Each of these devices is designed to move teeth back into alignment but there are differences. Invisalign are nearly undetectable, so many adults like them. They can also be removed so you can easily clean your teeth and gums.

Braces, obviously, are more noticeable and can restrict what you eat and require diligent oral care.

How do I choose?

In talking to your dentist or orthodontist, you can decide if one or the other is a better choice, based on your diagnosis. Sometimes, braces are the only – or best – option, depending on the severity of you or your loved ones’ issues.

Talk to your dentist or orthodontist to choose the correct option.

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