Three ways dental services can affect your general health

Three ways dental services can affect your general health
Three ways dental services can affect your general health

Your mouth is the gateway to your overall general health. You might have heard this before, but how do good dental services affect your overall health?

Good dental services are crucial to maintaining optimal health as we age and grow. In many ways, if your mouth isn’t healthy, you won’t be healthy.

So, how exactly do they help? Read on:


Mouth infections can cause infections in the rest of your body, so taking care of them right away with good dental services is crucial. Those with periodontal disease, for example, can be more at risk for heart disease and cancer. Also, regular dental exams can show early markers for diseases such as HIV, Crohn’s and eating disorders.


If you have bad teeth, you might not be able to maintain a healthy diet. Why? You need strong chompers to eat foods with high fiber and nutrients like meat, fruit, vegetables and whole grains.

Keeping your teeth in tip-top shape means you can eat that big salad – and stay healthy.

Don’t smoke

Smoking (or using chewing tobacco) not only damages your lungs but also your teeth and gums. Smoking not only stains and damages teeth, but it can cause poor overall health. It can also cause mouth and throat cancer, in addition to lung cancer.

The bottom line is, if you want to maintain your overall health, regular dental services like cleanings, X-rays, and checkups are crucial. You won’t only enjoy a cleaner healthier mouth – you’ll be doing something great for your overall physical health and well-being.

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