Post Surgery Instructions

  1. Bite on the gauze for 30 minutes. Don’t chew on the gauze.
  2. Do not smoke or use a straw to drink from for 24 hours.
  3. Brush remaining teeth 3 times daily, but don’t rinse or use a mouth wash the day of the surgery.
  4. Take pain pills and other medication as directed.
  5. If pain increases after 48 hours, or if abnormal bleeding continues call Dr. Judis at 327-3875
  6. To prevent bleeding and swelling, keep your head elevated on your pillow by folding the pillow in half while resting and / or sleeping.
  7. Do not spit. Spitting will cause more bleeding. Excess saliva and a little blood appear as a lot of bleeding.
  8. If bleeding starts again, put gauze or a clean white cloth over the bleeding area and bite on it with firm pressure for 1 hour. Do not chew on it.
  9. Ice packs can be used immediately after surgery and for the next 24 hours to reduce swelling. Keep ice packs on 20 minutes and off 20 minutes.
  10. Black and blue marks are bruises and always occur after surgery / usually you don’t notice them. Sometimes the skin is discolored. Do not worry about this.
  11. Drink lots of liquids and eat anything that you can swallow comfortably.

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